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2024 Annual SVCC Scholastic Tournament Recap

By February 29, 2024No Comments

Over the electrifying weekend of February 24th, 38 participants fearlessly embraced the thrill of strategic mastery by competing in the Fall K-12 Scholastic Chess Tournament at Bowman Library in Stephens City.

Their passion and dedication ignited the tournament area with brilliance and finesse. They demonstrated remarkable resilience and skill beyond expectation, including many first-time participants. We are proud of all the participants, including these featured faces.

As the echoes of triumph reverberate, we extend an open invitation to all enthusiasts: seize the opportunity to navigate the board and life with confidence at Shenandoah Valley Chess Club.

Congratulations to Luke Nielsen – winner of 9th-12th, Easton Lewis – winner of 6th-8th, Truett De Luise – winner of 3rd-5th, and Insol Park, winner of K-2nd.

All are welcome at 10 AM in the Bowman Library for weekly Saturday chess where camaraderie thrives and age and skill dissolve into the shared pursuit of chess. It’s more than a game—it’s a lifelong skill.

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